Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our page to help answer some common questions. If you do not find the answer to your particular questions please call or email us today. 

  • I can't remember the date I selected for my online order and it isn't shown on my confirmation email? 
    We are still developing some features to enhance customer experience. At this time we kindly ask that you reply back to your confirmation email requesting a confirmation of the date for your order. You can also call the shop; but to better assist you we ask that you provide us your order number. EX: 0123-OS  

  • When will my order be ready for Pick-Up? 
    Online orders are ready for Pick-Up between 11am and 4pm on the date you selected during check out. If you called in your order the designer will arrange a Pick-Up time with you while taking your order. 

  • When should I expect my order to be delivered? 
    We use a combination of our store driver and trusted couriers to send out orders. Orders generally arrive between 10am and 6pm, though some deliveries may experience delays due to circumstances out of our control. If you require a specific delivery time frame; we ask that you call the store to place your order to see if we can accomodate the request. This may affect your delivery price. 

  • Can I change an order I have already placed online or over the phone? 
    We are happy to accomodate most changes. Please call us ASAP to see if we can facilitate the change in time. If the order is scheduled for delivery or Pick-Up in less than 24 hours it may be too short of notice but please call us to see if we can help. 

  • What does Designer's Choice mean?
    Designer's Choice is similar to Chef's Choice at a restaurant. This is a very popular option as customers over the years have come to trust our team's design choices. This gives the designer the freedom to work with what they believe is the most fresh, gorgeous blooms in store at the time your order is being made. This option is not recommended if there are allergies, pet concerns, or cultural restrictions. 

  • I am worried about allergens, food, floral or pet related, how can I be sure my order will be safe for my recipient and their family? 
    We ask that you please call our store to place your order to ensure we can take appropriate measures to accommodate your order.

  • I am not sure what size the bouquet would be, could you let me know how big the options are? 
    The nature of fresh flowers means there is no exact size range for our bouquets. We have them listed based on the increase of budget spent; which will mean more flowers included in your bouquet if you choose a larger size. A good example is if a bouquet is made with mainly higher end flowers it maybe smaller than if one was made with more common blooms. Our designers use their judgement to make sure the bouquets are balanced in size and quality of blooms. If you require a certain size we recommend calling us to speak with a designer. 

  • I want my order to be a surprise, can I use my phone number for the delivery? 
    If we are unable to reach the intended recipient as the wrong phone number was provided, we may have to return the order to the store and attempt delivery again. This may result in a delay and/or additional delivery charges. If you want the order to be a surprise we recommend providing the phone number for someone who lives at the same address and notifying them of the delivery. If that is not possible we recommend providing the recipient's phone number to ensure we can deliver the order. 
  • My culture or the recipient's culture has certain restrictions on what flowers or colours are appropriate. How do I know the order will be well received? 
    We ask that you please call our store to talk with the designer's in store to communicate your needs clearly. Our team has experience designing for many cultures and can advise you in this if you are unsure.

  • I want to send my order anonymously, is this something you do? 
    If you choose to not sign your name at the end of the card message we do not add it to your order. However, if the recipient calls requesting to know who sent the order we are legally obligated to inform them.