Flowers for Sympathy & Memorial Services

White and Green Sympathy Vase Arrangement

Sending Sympathy Flowers

You can order through our Online Shop or call us at Tel.604-871-1008.

Rely upon our trusted florists to assist you with sending sympathy florals to someone who is grieving. Allow us to share our floral expertise to help you send your support and condolences with serene florals and peaceful gifts.

Not sure what to say in a card message? We can also provide our recommendations for a thoughtful sympathy message. 

Please see our sympathy colour scheme recommendations at the bottom of this page. Popular condolence gift choices include:

  • Flower Hand-Tied Bouquet or Vase Arrangement. Vase arrangements are a more popular choice generally for sympathy occasions, as they save the recipient the task of putting them in water and cutting the stems to the correct length for their own vase. 
  • Orchid Planter. Blooming white Phalaenopsis orchid planters bring serenity to any environment, and are a timeless choice for extending one's condolences. These peaceful plants can bloom for 1 to 3 months before entering the dormant stage of their growth cycle, and do not require an excessive amount of watering or overly attentive care.
  • Tropical Planter. Tropical house plants can add a fresh sense of rejuvenation to a somber environment, without requiring overly attentive care. Watering once a week is recommended for tropicals. Tropical plant options could include peperomia, staghorn ferns, maiden hair ferns, calatheas, ZZ plants, crotons, and more.
  • Gift Box. Send a care package of peaceful gifts and flowers. Popular gift choices include herbal tea, candles, bath products, and chocolate.
  • Large Greeting Card. If you have a longer message, we recommend ordering a full-size greeting card. We carry a selection of small batch peaceful sympathy cards in store.

Memorial Service Flowers

During difficult and stressful times, trust our experienced florists to guide you through the process of ordering florals for the memorial service of a loved one.

Please call us directly at Tel.604-871-1008 or email us at

If arranging flowers for a memorial service or funeral, please call or email us. We have years of experience creating memorial florals, such as wreaths, standing sprays, casket sprays, table arrangements, standing floor arrangements, and sympathy ribbons. We do not post photos of our past memorial work, out of respect for our past clients, so please contact us directly for more information.

Here is the information we will require for your order:

  • Your name, telephone number and email address
  • Date, time, and location of the service
    • A contact at the memorial venue (including a phone number)
    • The name the service will be listed under
    • Any other details we should be aware of. If there is a viewing in advance of the service, sometimes clients prefer the flowers to be sent early so they can be present for both gatherings.
    • Delivery or Pickup. For Deliveries, we require the venue name, venue address, and a contact name and phone number of someone who will be present at the venue. We recommend informing the venue beforehand that know you are intending to send flowers for a specific service. Please let us know if the flowers need to be delivered by a certain time. Sometimes sending the flowers a day ahead is recommended. Most memorial venues have a flower room specifically designed for looking after florals over night for early morning services.
    • Which type of floral arrangements you would prefer. These decisions can be challenging, and we can help provide recommendations if you wish. We offer wreaths, standing sprays, casket sprays, table vase arrangements, standing floor vase arrangements, sympathy ribbons, and more.
    • Floral Colour Scheme. Please see our recommendations below.
    • Budget and Payment Information. There is some standard pricing for memorial arrangements, and payment is required in advance. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Please email or call us directly for details.

      White & Green Florals

      Sympathy Floral Colour Schemes

      We have experience with many varied floral schemes for memorial events. We are happy to discuss a specific palette of your choosing, but here are a few popular choices to ease the process.

      • Classic Whites, Creams, and Greens. Flowers such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, mathiola (stock), and snapdragons are timeless choices.
      • Whites and Greens With A Pop of Colour. An optional variation on the traditional white and green colour palette is to add a pop of one colour tone into the white and green theme. Popular choices include pinks, purples, yellows, or oranges. If requesting blues, please be aware that blue is not a common natural colour in the flower world, and the available blue tones may be more on the purple end of the colour spectrum.
      • English Garden Botanicals. This popular choice is a wilder and more natural style with flowing greenery and seasonal blooms. Popular greenery choices include eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus, etc, subject to availability. Popular colour combinations include pastels, or whites and pastels, or alternatively a high contrast colour scheme such as whites, blush tones and burgundies.
      • A Colourful Celebration of Life. Sometimes vibrant colours are the most appropriate choice for a celebration of life. Bright colours can also add some much needed warmth to a somber occasion. Popular bright and vibrant colour palettes tend to include warmer colours such as reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, magentas and earthy tones.